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Monday, 22 August 2011 09:48

The Project Partners of SYNAPSIS Foundation are:

on the merits:

on issues related to the business:

Partners bring knowledge, experience and skills necessary to implement the project in Poland.

Specialist People Foundation

Specialist People Foundation - Danish, non-profit organization whose vision is to prevent the international dimension of social exclusion of people with ASD, which they call "Specialists" (called Specialist People), by seeking to create for them a million jobs worldwide.

Specialist People Foundation which owns 100% shares of Specialisterne deals with software testing for companies such as Microsoft and Siemens. The company was founded in 2004 and since its beginning employs people with ASD. Specialisterne source of success is the high quality of services provided by its employees, of which 75% have a diagnosis of ASD, and who - precisely because of their unique skills - are referred to as Specialists.

Solutions of The Specialist People Foundation (Denmark) are developed in Specialisterne programme which is a closed, economically effective providing its own income method of introducing high functioning persons with autism to open market (mainly to IT sector). Foundation conducts individual assessment lasting about 3-5 months for individuals with ASD diagnose which helps to clarify their strengths and weaknesses and find the most suitable workplace for them.

Specialisterne Logo is a dandelion, which embodies the philosophy of the company - the plant is considered by many as a weed, although it is of great importance in medical treatment. The value of the Dandelion depends on the eye that sees and the underlying knowledge.

Similarly is with people with ASD, which are often seen by others through the prism of their disability, which is treated as something negative. Specialisterne looks at them differently - revealing a positive set of characteristics associated with ASD. As a result, disability becomes something positive, while people with ASD - a valuable asset to employers, professionals who mainly do a very good job.

More on this in the article: The company that turned 'disability' into an asset.

National Autistic Society (NAS)

National Autistic Society is a British non-profit organization, acting on behalf of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Its purpose is primarily to improve the quality of life of people with autism in the UK. It was founded in 1962 by a group of parents of children with ASD, currently has more than 19 000 members and has as many as 90 branches.

Activities of The National Autistic Society are aimed at people with ASD at every level of functioning, with different predispositions. NAS provides:

  • information, advice, advocacy, training and support for people with ASD and their families
  • information and training for professionals in the fields of health, education, etc., working with individuals with ASD and their families
  • specialist support in the housing (sheltered housing) and services for adults with ASD
  • specialist schools and after-school educational establishments for children
  • after-school activities for children and youth
  • training and support on employment and social programs for adults with ASD

In the structure of the NAS functions Prospects employment consultancy, which is responsible for: providing services in employment and training for people with ASD who want to work.

Prospects employees provide them with broad support: psychological, therapeutic, information, training and coaching. They also offer for people with ASD professional career guidance, develop their professional development plans and provide them with support in the workplace.

Prospects also conducts employee training for staff and managers and helps employers in recruitment and training for people with ASD. Also advises them what to do to keep employees with ASD in the workplace.

Academy of Science

The company operates since 1998 in the market of trainings and courses. It has seven branches in six Polish cities, including Warsaw. They offer language, memory and speed reading trainings. In addition, the Academy provides consultancy services in the creation of project proposals under the European Social Fund.

Academy of Science works both with individual clients and companies and institutions. The largest of these include:

  • Government Protection Bureau
  • Polkomtel (Plus GSM)
  • Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (Era GSM)

In the project Academy of Sciences serves a consultative role and support us in dealing with the business sector.

UNDP Poland

UNDP Project Office in Warsaw is one of 166 units of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the world. It deals with the implementation and coordination of components of regional projects of UNDP on Polish territory and funded by the European Social Fund. The Office Project in Warsaw is part of the UNDP Regional Centre in Bratislava.

Activities of UNDP in Poland are focused on the implementation of the Social Innovation in Europe and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), which aims to create a regional platform for knowledge sharing in Europe and the CIS countries in the field of social innovation and the Millennium Development Goals.

Projects implemented in Poland:

  • Social Economy - Integrated Support System of Social Economy. The project aims to build a sustainable infrastructure to support the social economy;
  • CEKIN - strengthening key competencies in the field of initiative and entrepreneurship among students of agricultural schools in Poland;
  • Centre for Research on contemporary India - the project seeks to intensify the academic cooperation between Poland and India, and implementation of the Masters Degree studies programme on contemporary India at the University of Warsaw;
  • 4 steps - support for deaf people in the labour market: social enterprises (bookstore-cafes), in which participants will work with the project.

UNDP Poland coordinates the global initiative of the Secretary General of the UN Global Compact promotes corporate social responsibility It is the largest of this type of initiative which brings together over 9 000 companies around the world.